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Liz Brand-Unpingco

I didn’t get to attend but watched the replay. I LOVED the book – known about tonglen practice (Tibhetean mediation) for a long time and now appreciate it and Chodron’s teachings as well as her as a writer anew. It really helped me understand how becoming a classroom teacher can be sustainable (I am a pre-service ‘credentialed’ art educator at 61 years old)!

Regarding tonglen: the practice compares and contrasts with SFQ technique and philosophy. Mostly, they align however in tonglen one breathes in darkness i.e. the pain/emotion/feelings one is experiencing to FULLY be present and then breathes out white light, positivity, gratitude as part of the whole universe (all people who are suffering just as you are). It is a bit mind-stretching to understand that I am not unique in what I feel and experience — that somewhere in the world someone else is going through exactly what I am. I can align and send them healing through tonglen.

In SFQ we breathe in light and breathe out what we no longer need or want – then go a step further in sending back this energy seeing it as transformed (the white light in tonglen)

In both ways – we are the healer – and the alchemist — conduit for transforming our energy and merging it into that of the universes’ or as I like to think of it: returning home.

Both ways have extreme value for helping us live and have better human experiences.

I want to work more with Chodron alongside SF@.

Thanks for the choice and the session!