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I read this book but was unable to attend due to my volunteer work. I am grateful for the replay! Thank you all for an enjoyable discussion. It was interesting to hear all your thoughts and experiences, and Lynn, I wish your daughter great healing. That must be a hard thing to be going through. And Judy, the Mayo Clinic website cites that there is some evidence that Pace Breathing relieves hot flashes!

I have two breath stories to add.

For many years, I would frequently get dizzy upon standing, to the point of needing to squat down on the floor with my head down to regain equilibrium. Then, I read in one of Twyla Tharp’s book that before we stand, we should inhale when sitting, then exhale as we stand. 99% of the time I do this, there is no dizziness! My doctor even took note of this to share with some of her other patients.

During the recent Global Healing Energy Summit that Master Lin was involved in, I saw Deanna Hansen speak on Block Therapy, which she developed. It is fascia work (which is fascinating and currently being widely researched) and diaphragmatic breathing is integral to her program. It proposes to be healing for asthma, allergies, arthritis, gut issues, anxiety, and many other things in addition to routine aches and pains. I am a newbie (hoping to heal a somewhat long-term upper left hamstring deep soreness.) That hasn’t happened yet, but I also get very, very sore thumbs, all the way to my wrists, and it makes routine tasks quite uncomfortable at times. (Maybe too many hardback books in bed! 😂) I blocked my forearms the other day, and the pain immediately abated! So, I am blocking my forearms daily in hopes of truly resolving this issue. There are parallels to SFQ, such as tongue position, exhales being longer than inhales, body as one interconnected unit, but the breathing is very different. Diaphragmatic breathing does really relax me, so now when I awake at 3:30 a.m. I now do a few minutes of diaphragmatic breathing, then go into Small Universe to get back to sleep. It seems to pop me to a place I usually don’t get to until 15 or so minutes into the meditations.