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      You can view the replay below from the Practice Group Leader Meeting on May 01, 2023. We spoke about building the participants in our groups along with marketing techniques to use.

      – We shared our pain points and gave feedback.
      – Jan has moved from outside to zoom for snowbird clients.
      – We spoke about ways to accept payment – PayPal is easier for international clients:

      Other marketing points:
      – Email list can be good way to send out updates seasonally and a good way to market with friends, colleagues, and former clients.
      – You can build email lists in Wix, Mailchimp and Constant Contact also in our own Outlook but you may need to follow subscribe and unsubscribe options by law.

      We spoke to free event sites like Eventbrite, Facebook events. Both Ellen and Ralph mentioned Meetup can be iffy and costs money. Ralph had someone disruptive showing up to his class.

      Other marketing ideas:
      – Nurturing your community – reaching out to local community organizations and offering to give classes. Also, professional associations too.
      – Ralph is doing one and Cynthia is with Music conference.
      – Steffi with local community organization which led to more connections for virtual presentations.
      – Word of mouth always good and asking current clients to refer.

      Social Media:
      – Does it really help build business? Can be time-consuming but consistency can be important even if once a week.
      – Cynthia spoke to consistent messages being good. Mental Health Tip weekly for example. Steffi doing Wednesday Wellness
      – We spoke to not trying to do it all but picking one or two channels to be consistent.
      – Also, Cynthia uses Canva and schedules posts ahead of time through Canva for a small fee.
      – There is also Buffer, Metrocool, Hootsuite, Metascheduler which does Facebook and Instagram

      We share good marketing information. Cynthia shared marketing for hippies which has great free starter guide to download:
      Steffi mention Quiet Marketer which has nice simple book to read and tiny courses:

      Great to share and learn from each other.

      You can join this Facebook Group below to continue the discussion:

      Our next meeting will be led by Cynthia on June 19, 2023 from at 10:00am-11:00am MT.

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      nadia ketoure

      I cannot express enough how much I enjoyed listening to all of you. I cannot wait to join you next time. This was so informative!! thank you so much for sharing from the heart.
      SFQ is such a beautiful community.


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