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      You can view the replay below from the Practice Group Leader Meeting on October 24, 2022, where we discussed, Integrity of the Practice.

      In this month’s Group Leader meeting I covered the Integrity of the Practice, meaning we commit to sharing the practice and the lineage exactly as it was intended, to the best of our ability, based on the teachings we have received from Master Lin and other teachers that we’ve taken classes from in the Spring Forest Qigong Tradition.

      During the meeting, many of you indicated you are eager to get feedback from one another on your practice. I would also like to add that I am also a student. I only know and understand a tiny bit. The more I teach, the more I learn; the more I practice, the more I learn; the more I talk with my students, the more I learn; the more time I spend in nature, the more I learn.

      We all have to work on developing ourselves in individual ways to allow us to share from the heart. As Master Lin teaches, in life knowledge is 10% and practice is 90% and with consistent practice over time, the knowledge turns into wisdom. We can’t have wisdom without practice. My intention is to not come across as an expert and for you to do things the way I do them, my intention is to help you grow and thrive in your life and to be helpful in helping you achieve your goals, whatever they are related to and I feel you are here to be supported in that.

      Also, I would like to emphasize that we won’t all look the same as we move, which makes sense because we are all unique. Individual variations in the movements and words are part of human nature and are beautiful. When you tune into your heart your practice sprouts from a wellspring of love. Your pure intention gets transmitted and the words have little meaning.

      I believe there may be a few others who would like to join you in this initiative who could not attend today’s meeting. If you are reading this and were not at the meeting but would like to be included in this, please let me know as I will be sharing emails shortly. I also encourage you to use the Forum underneath the replay of this meeting for further discussion or any time you wish to revisit this topic.

      It would be good to determine how you would like to proceed. Whether you get together and work on one movement each time, watch one another, give feedback, including the Beginning of the Universe and the opening and closing exercises. Zoom is free for 40 minutes but I know many of you also have your own Zoom accounts. Perhaps one of you with a Zoom account could initiate your first meeting and go from there. I will leave it up to you!

      We could also look at a small workshop on refining the movements. If you feel you would like that then let me know and I can create something based on your needs.

      What would you like to discuss at our next meeting? We can continue on this path or cover another subject.

      Our next meeting is on November 21, 2022 from 10:00am – 11:00am MT.

      Thank you so much for being here!

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      Sue Crites

      We can have an open discussion here about next steps. One point I made on the call was the importance of having an in-person practice group. This really helps you feel the qi, read the qi of your participants, and connect physically to the people and the practice. I feel this is going to make a huge difference in any practice you run, whether you have both on-line and in-person, etc.

      The other point here is that these people are your community roots and champions. They will sign up for what you offer because you are their teacher. Locally, you will likely be the only teacher available. Once you have that local community, many of them will be your loyal supporters if you want to teach online, etc.

      In a sea of online offerings, you want to all your authentic self to shine through, and being in-person with a group is the best way to make that connection.

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      Jan Gilmer

      Please include my email in the practice group. thanks, Jan Gilmer

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