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      You can view the replay below from the Practice Group Leader Meeting on March 06, 2023. We didn’t talk about the integrity of the movements/practice but instead reviewed what people wanted from these Group Leader meetings.

      Here is a review done by Steffi (thank you Steffi!):
      – Nico and Sue enjoyed Level 4 in person experience
      – We talked about a new format and new ways to move forward with our meetings, with 2 or so people volunteering to be Group Leaders for this group taking the responsibility away from Sue but she will still participate/mentor.
      – We did a check in on how it’s going and challenges and triumphs
      – We shared how marketing in local groups like Alignable, Eventbrite, Next-door can be very helpful for local people
      – We talked about personal touches like checking in on others in groups – Jan shared tips for stomach with one
      – Teaching Level 1 can be a great funnel for your class participants
      – Cynthia found a great insurance package – 239 per year? (We can share this too)
      – Cynthia building her own system and is great to see
      – Jan may look into Zoom practice with snowbirds going home (Could review technical class)
      – Sue looking into Sutra or Circle for group discussions (Not just Facebook)

      You can join this Facebook Group below to continue the discussion:

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