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I finally had time to listen to this book discussion today, and just …wow!

I love that EIM is a safe space that allows all of us to vent, to cry, to explore, to be vulnerable. So many of us have had variations of the same basic life experience, especially the women in the group…many followed the pattern of marriage or long term relationships, following the spouse’s career journey, the spouse’s needs, then kids, and then wondering at 50 what happened to us! I hold deep respect and gratitude for everyone who makes themselves vulnerable in the group, and for everyone who allows that in me and others.

I appreciated everyone’s comments about this book. I’ve read in several reviews that it’s readers tend to fall pretty clearly into camps of love or yuck with this one and that’s been my experience over three attempts to read it. Not my book, not my author, but you all helped me consider Doyle and Untamed in new ways and I thank you for that!